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Leah Laramee

Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Division of Wildlife and Forestry (DOFAW)
Native Ecosystems Protection and Management Section Liaison
How did you find yourself in conservation? Who (or what) is your biggest inspiration in committing to this field?

Hawai'i is the answer to both these questions. It's hard to grow up here without a healthy respect for the environment around us. We live in the most beautiful place in the world and I know that it is my kuleana to do everything to keep it that way. 

Describe a typical work week or work day.

There is no such thing! Part of the reason I love my job is that every day brings new challenges and adventures. One day I could be writing a grant for funding to protect our anchialine pools and the next strategizing on the best way incorporate climate science into our on the ground work. The best days are the days I get into the field and actually do some of the on the ground work. I need more of those!

What is your most favorite or valuable memory working in the conservation field?

Too many. This is an amazing field to work in with so many amazing folks to work with. Valuable memories abound.

What is conservation to you?

Conservation is a way of life. It is the ability to look around you and see how you can contribute, how you can make a positive impact on the world around you. Every day we make hundreds of choices, how am I going to get to work,  what am I going to eat, how am I going to treat the people around me, each of these choices has a direct impact on the conservation of the world around us.

What advice do you have for students or emerging professionals?

Go for it. Don't be discouraged by setbacks keep working hard and thinking positively and your opportunity will come. Say yes to everything and learn as much as you can. People will remember you for the work you do and the attitude you have. Be your hardest working most positive self don't be afraid to ask questions because everyone in conservation is here because we love it and we love people who feel the same.

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